Who we are

The Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center (CDDC)

The Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center (CDDC) is a 501c3 that has a long history of providing a variety of services to persons who are homeless and/or low income and some with psychiatric disabilities.

A little history

Initially, the center, known as The Circle of Hope, was established to provide a socialization place It was a peer run center. In the last few years, the center has accepted support from recognized community leaders and its organizational structure has been changed to reflect a stable base of community leadership.

We are working hard

The CDDC board has been working to expand the vision of the center to meet the significant mental, physical and social needs of the people who come. The center is staffed by volunteers recruited from a number of faith communities and other service organizations in Corvallis.

We are volunteers

Each week approximately 175 hours of community volunteer time is donated to provide the services of the CDDC.

Our mission

The current mission statement of the CDDC is as follows: “The corporation’s mission is to respond to the significant needs of individuals, especially those experiencing homelessness, low income, and mental health issues by providing a dignified environment for recovery through practical assistance and advocacy.”

How we work

The CDDC elected board meets monthly. In addition, there are committees of the larger board that meet regularly to facilitate the day-to-day activities of the center.

Find our services

Currently we are located in McLean Hall at First Christian Church. The CDDC operates from 9 to 2 weekdays to provide services that meet immediate needs.

Project Action

The Project Action office operates from 10 to 12 weekdays to respond to ongoing needs that may require more than a quick response.

Help (Homeless Employment Launching Project)

Help (Homeless Employment Launching Project), has been in operation since 2012. This program offer limited working opportunities to folks who can provide the necessary id to elegible for employment in the U.S. We have lot of folks ready to work we need more jobs to meet the demand. Jobs Range from yard clean up, helping folks move, housework, labeling envelopes etc.

Hopes for the Future

The CDDC’s vision for the future includes sponsoring a Mental Health Outreach Worker position that can use the opportunity that the center provides to interact and establish trust with members of this community that would benefit from assessment and supported referral to appropriate services. Also, the CDDC hopes to eventually procure a permanent site with a hygiene center, a gap that has been repeatedly identified in many settings where significant needs of persons who are chronically homeless have been prioritized. Along with other community partners, the CDDC hopes to play a key role in the quest to end homelessness. The concept of “closing the front door” (prevention) and “opening the back door” (intervention) on homelessness is helpful as the CDDC pursues its vision for providing services in the Corvallis community.

An open invitation, we need your help, we need volunteers

The Corvallis Daytime Drop-in Center invites the Corvallis community to join us in nurturing the self worth of all the people that we serve. Thanks for taking our mission to heart.

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